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The Power of Crystals and Gems

Many of us wear jewelry made from crystals and gemstones as a reminder of our birth month or because we feel particularly attracted to a color. Jewelry is part of our daily wardrobe and it gives us a feeling of completing whatever outfit we have chosen in that moment. For me, each day is started wearing one of my handmade buddha energy bracelets. I began making them a few years ago as an outlet from my daily routine. I found that stringing the beads helped me to settle my mind. It also allowed me time to better connect more with each type of stone as I wanted to understand their origin and spiritual meaning. There is power infused in each striking color. A power that is recorded in ancient texts and many different cultures and religions. Specific stones being part of rituals for the healing properties believed by the tribe.

Crystals and gemstones have the power to transmit energy. Quartz crystal being used in watches and computers for its ability to maintain a precise frequency is probably the most well known. Crystals and gemstones are the result of millions plus years of interaction with all their surrounding elements. Combined with the heat of the sun, intense pressure, prolonged exposure to wind and water the magic within is created. A magic that connects with each owner that willingly accepts the healing properties.

It was the simple introduction to jewelry made from crystals and gems that opened a new door in my spiritual development. My curiosity of the colors of amethyst, rose quartz, lapis lazuli... sparked an interest in learning more. It was the power of crystals that brought me deeper spiritual awakening as I was seeking clarity during chaotic times. It was as if the allure of the colors directed me toward the next steps of my healing journey. Crystals and gems are natural treasures of our Earth Mother. Each possessing unique healing properties. At The Source NY, many of our healing modalities incorporate crystals, gems, and other living energies.

The Buddha energy bracelets below are a sample of what's offered at The Source NY. Handmade, one size fits all, and easy to ship domestically. Please email with questions.

My new book, Starseed, is available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble websites. I share stories of my tumultuous past and offer the healing steps that I continue to use each day.

Visit to learn more about everything we offer. In person and virtual options are available.

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