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The Power of the Collective

As Starseeds, Lightworkers, Spiritual Healers it is important that we continue to emphasize to clients the exponential power we have in our collective. What does this mean? To me, it is a reminder that despite our differences in routine or the way we approach our practice, we must maintain a unified front against those dark energies that are determined to cause division.

Spirituality by definition and interpretation is infinite. The way I approach healing may be dramatically different than my contemporaries, but this is with intent from The Source. It is the sharing of different modalities that allows us to reach a broader audience of seekers. It is how we are able to cast a wider net. Yet, I don't always feel solidarity within the tribe of Spiritual healers. There can be a vibe of judgement or negativity toward others that, in my opinion, only weakens us as a tribe.

I have asked my Guides why this is so:

Dear One, each of you was born a human. At the time you took your first breath, you were taking on the challenges and programming within the family you chose. Each of you has been wrought with experiences that have hardened you in places that it was through your spiritual work you sought deeper understanding. Through this process of seeking, you found strength as a leader in the ability to help others on their journey's. However, many of you have not completely released the attachments of the lessons that helped you to heal. The old patterns remain. The old programming still active. It is because of this that doubt of others or lack of trust in your contemporaries continues.

This is not a new issue, Dear One. This has been a challenge over the span of every civilization that preceded. The imprint of suffering, doubt, fear, and all dark shadows must be identified in every human soul. Even the most enlightened beings are required to experience the release of these attachments. It is our work, as your Guides, to assist in this process. Any spiritual leader that believes their work is complete has much work that remains. ~ The Collective Light ~

I honor all Lightworkers and embrace the variety within our tribe.

Thank you for teaching me different approaches toward healing. Dr. Stacey Lamar

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