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Are we ready to face our Shadows?

Updated: Nov 6, 2021

Currently, in the world of metaphysics, spirituality, alternative or collective consciousness... whatever paradigm you may work within there is much buzz about the importance of facing our personal Shadows. I didn't join in the conversation because I didn't feel I had anything to add. I thought this was due to personal distractions of business ownership and the chaos of operating during and through a pandemic. But, maybe I didn't join the conversation because I don't necessarily agree with the messaging. It seems that through the isolation and despair of this pandemic the collective is responding by bringing into focus quite a bit of messaging driving us to focus deeply on facing our personal Shadows. Am I understanding this correctly?

Facing my Shadows means having to re-experience parts of me that I have worked on healing and believe are no longer relevant in my journey. Are these new Shadows that have formed or old wounds that need to be repeatedly re-examined? I remain uncertain. What concerns me as a Lightworker is that persistent re-examination of Shadow may take us away from the time we need to strengthen our brilliant Light considering that NO Shadow can exist in the brilliance of Light.

If one is in the beginning phase of understanding your energetic being than Shadow work is an essential step in your healing process. It is also a necessary step in our periodic self assessment and clearing of any doubt, fear, shame, and other damaging Shadows that can impact our ability to BE our authentic selves. However, a global effort to repeatedly face Shadows that have already been released is nothing more than an unfortunate distraction from the more important step of continually strengthening our energetic selves through the different healing modalities that EMPOWER us and subsequently empower the Collective Light because we are not mutually exclusive.

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