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Living Energies ~ Living Color

"Desire to be brilliant, to be joyous, to be creative, to be happy, to be you. A system of colour, plant and crystal energies that help you become the very best version of yourself, using the highest quality organic, biodynamic and wild crafted ingredients."


chakra poms.jpg


Step one is choosing the unique color combinations that feel right.

No wrong answer ~

Trust & Intuition as the message reveals. 


Living in crystal these vibrational energies activate when shaken by the user then released and applied to skin.

Pomanders & Quintessences

Steps two & three serve to replenish our energetic system or Aura. 

The vibrational qualities can restore and elevate consciousness.

Pomanders can bring harmony to self & be used to set intention daily.


Quintessences can facilitate flow of positive energy & be used with intention to protect the energy field (personal space).

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