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Energy and Healing

The universe provides endless examples of energy that support all living creatures. The most easily recognizable form is the sun. Its radiant and thermal effects are responsible for sustaining life on planet earth as we know it.

energy healing

The human body is energetic. Designed to maintain balance and well-being through temperature regulation, stress reduction, and other energetic functions. A process known as homeostasis


Personal wellness in a holistic model recognizes that body~mind~spirit are interconnected and must be in balance to maintain homeostasis. The practice of energy healing and the importance of energy balancing pre-date western medicine. In traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) energy is "Chi", in Egypt it is "Ka", in Ayurveda vital energy is "Prana" and in Japan it is "Qi".


The services offered by The Source NY are reflective of the different practices across our world that support homeostasis by including spiritual energy healing modalities.  We honor the traditions of our Native American and Eastern ancestors and incorporate them in our daily lives.

"When life becomes chaotic, it's time to return to The Source"  

Each of the modalities offered at The Source NY are complementary and are not substitutes for traditional western medical care. These services are based on spiritual energetic practices and are categorized as, complementary and alternative. Specific medical concerns will not be addressed and any questions regarding personal health concerns should be discussed with your medical provider. 

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