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Aura-Soma & The Divine Connection

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The Kaballah Tree of Life is a map of consciousness, a geometric matrix, composed of ten spheres and 22 paths through which God creates and directs all worlds. Like God, the Tree is omnipresent, and exists eternally, beyond time itself. The 32 combined Paths of Wisdom relate to the number of times the name of God was found in the book of Genesis


The Tree is holographic. It creates reality, sustains all worlds, and holds everything with Universal law.

The relationship between Aura-Soma Colour Therapy and the Divine is revealed within the Equilibrium bottles through the Tree of Life, Numbers & the Tarot. 


The Kabbalah Tree of Life represented by unique Sphere's and Pathways correlate to the individual's 4 bottle pick and offer a deeper understanding of the soul's journey in the present moment.


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