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The Bee as a Guide

This message is shared with gratitude. It's authors Regula Meyer and Karin Lurz.

The Bee will remind you of your true being.

Is that really you asks the bee. Does the way you live, match the person that you really are? You must always be sure, that your way of life matches who you are, for then you will succeed in finding and keeping the beautiful, the enlightening and the touching things in life. Your existence is unique and it can only blossom, when it is being respected and treasured. Let happiness and luck become a part of your life by learning to see the good and the beautiful in all things. Most importantly you need to find the nobleness, the beauty and the wisdom within yourself. Your existence is quintessential in its own truth and only you can experience this perfection in rare and short moments. It is these moments, when the circumstances are just right and you are given the room to really be yourself. Make sure to diligently look for these moments.

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