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Spiritual Alchemy

Alchemy is a process of transmutation or conversion of something from a lesser value to a greater value. Early history describes the quest to turn lead into gold or concoct the elixir to sustain youth. It also identifies notable alchemists throughout the ages from Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and Indian regions. John Dee (1527-1609) is a well know Alchemist from the Renaissance period, but surprisingly Sir Isaac Newton (1642-1727) was also a self proclaimed alchemist. Alchemy is often associated with occult practice, magic and sorcery. Throughout the different historical periods, the practice thereof was punishable by torture and death.

I have struggled to find my position on alchemy during my spiritual quest primarily because of the negative association with occult and magic. Such association does not align with my early religious upbringing. But, then I realized that it was that same religion which persecuted and condemned to death those same early alchemists. I took my concerns to respected friends including author Dr. John DeSalvo who has written several books on historical alchemy and magic. These conversations were important because they allowed me to put my current stigma into historical context. I could then release the negative stigma and more accurately view early alchemists as early scientists and spiritualists seeking their more intimate connection to The Divine.

I define alchemy within a spiritual framework since I am not interested in turning physical lead into gold. I seek a deeper connection within our Universe and in my souls mission and purpose during this lifetime. For me spiritual modalities include prayer, meditation, reiki, sound and color. These different practices are widely accepted in many geographical regions. It was through my meditative practice that I was introduced to St. Germain, Ascended Master and Chohan of the 7th ray, the violet flame. St. Germain offers guidance to those beings seeking to ascend in their human consciousness to their highest potential of enlightened "I AM" consciousness intricate within the universal matrix of Divine. From a spiritual alchemical process it could be likened to transmuting your lower human self (lead) to your highest spiritual human self (the gold within).

Today, working with my Aura Soma bottles, the living energies that nourish my physical and energetic self with crystal, color and vibration I realized that my spiritual healing was being augmented by blue and red energies and I began to hear the stories of these colors as they relate to our Chakra system:

Red represents Root- Our foundation, tribe, family that we connect with.

Blue represents Throat- Our voice, truth, comfort or discomfort speaking our truth.

However when shaken together, Red and Blue become Violet and within the Chakra system:

Violet represents Third Eye- Our ability to connect to our intuition and spirit energy

It was during this moment that I realized the product I was using, blue over red, was more than just these two separate energetic forces. Combined, through their alchemical process, they infused together and became violet. There transmutation connected with me to nourish body~mind~spirit as a metaphoric "violet flame". The application of these colors worked to heal my Root and Throat Chakras while synergistically combining to offer spiritual transmutation, the Violet Flame and all of the assistance offered within the teachings of St. Germain for those working toward accelerating their spiritual development; their souls mission and purpose.

Spiritual Alchemy offers the opportunity to those seeking the connection to their greater purpose as it relates to Universal Consciousness. The Violet Flame and St. Germain are readily available to all.

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