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Is Unconditional Love Possible?

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

Writing about the power of love seems cliche at best. But, experiencing love as a giver and receiver is necessary to our health and well-being. Imagining a world without love brings to mind a profound sense of sadness.

The simplest definition of love is an intense feeling of deep affection. Therefore, love is subjective and open to interpretation by both giver and receiver. Describing love even more complex than the experience. Love as a sensation results in physiologic symptoms. Love can produce anything from mind altering euphoria to increased heart rate, stomach ache, and diarrhea because the emotion involved stimulates release of hormones designed to create change within the human system. We all have our memories of different loves we have experienced and can easily recollect how our body responded to those loves.

Peeling back another layer of love brings us to whether or not love has conditions. As a human spirit, I desperately want to believe in the concept of unconditional love between humans, but is this more fairy tale than reality? When considering love without condition my first thought goes to each of my children and the deep and profound love I have for them. It seems most plausible for me to translate unconditional love to the love of a child. I have three and by my definition of love I place no conditions on them and do believe that I will love them as such for the duration. But, my subjective translation may not suit another, nor was it my childhood experience. I was not parented by a mother that gave unconditional love. Thus, I do not believe unconditional love is a pre-requisite to parenting.

In other love relationships, I find it challenging to believe that no conditions are applied in most instances. Cynical to some. Realistic to others. But love is subjective and open to interpretation. As a wife, ex-wife... my reality fuels my definition. Conditions to me are more common and may even be taboo to speak about. I often wonder how many relationships are not capable of honest assessment of their love experience. Love with conditions may be too uncomfortable to consider. I appreciate that. But, my opinion remains unchanged. The human species is more likely to offer love based on conditions then without. So where does unconditional love begin?

Aaahhh. The answer I feel most comfortable with. Unconditional love is that which we desire within our very DNA. Unconditional love is what our human soul longs for because it is from whence we originate. The God Source created us from unconditional love and continues to love us every minute of every day without condition. Cliche? Perhaps. Religious dogma? No.

Spirituality and the multitude of philosophies that support unconditional love are openly available for review. Christianity, Buddhism, Judaism, Hinduism... are spiritual practices unique and diverse. What aligns for each soul is equally unique and diverse. However, within each of these spiritual practices we learn that were created by a God that loves us without condition. We are special. We are forgivable. We are more than ______.

Therefore, unconditional love is the ultimate emotion. To love another no matter what ______. Unconditional love brings with it other tools for our spiritual growth. Forgiveness and self love are possible because we are loved without condition. It is because of the power of unconditional love that we can forgive self and others. It is because of unconditional love that we can let go of past pain. It is because of unconditional love that is okay to learn from mistakes made. Unconditional love frees us from self destructive feelings and offers us the opportunity to heal relationships that are worth healing.

~ I feel empowered by knowing that I am loved unconditionally by the God Source.

~ I have become a more authentic human because I have released judgement from self and others due to unconditional love.

~ I strive to be a less judgmental human which in turn is helping me learn how to love more without condition.

~ I am thankful that my spiritual cup is full as I continue to work toward a more full human cup.

With this message, I send the highest intentions in the Light to each human spirit that connects with it. This perspective is solely my opinion because interpretation of love is subjective. As a soul that loves the power of love, I offer love with all the powers of forgiveness and healing necessary to empower you.

Connect to your inner Light and be the Star you are. Attract all the greatness of the universe.

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Blessings, Stacey

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