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What is a Spiritual Lifecoach?

The importance of honoring Body~Mind~Spirit when caring for patients was part of my training as an RN and as a Nurse Practitioner. It is impossible to for me to separate these interconnected and integral components of our human selves. Helping others to identify their unique spiritual self and to incorporate their beliefs into daily practice allows them to become a more fulfilled person.

Spiritual Lifecoaching is about honoring each person's spiritual self and sharing different techniques/modalities that strengthen them body~mind~spirit.

Different modalities that may be used during consultation include psychic channeling, tarot, reiki, and

Aura-Soma colour therapy. These practices are complementary and alternative by western medicine standards and are never a substitute for traditional medicine. However each have been reported by many clients to assist in their well being and augment or validate traditional care.

As an energy practitioner. I honor each person's beliefs and help guide them in the questions they seek answers to. I work with the Divine and will not connect with any energetic force that is not part of the Universal Light.

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