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Aura=Light Soma=Body A brief overview of these living energies

Divined by the late Vicky Wall many years ago, Aura Soma is a blending of crystals, gems, plants, and color into a powerful living energy system. My introduction to these products, certainly Divine intervention, has been an important component in my spiritual growth and development. Several books have been written on the life and work of Vicky Wall. A gifted Alchemist which by legal definition was color blind, yet she was able to experience the power of color, no site necessary. I recommend reading her journey to best appreciate the Divine attunement of the products.

It was Spring 2015 on a girls trip to Sedona where I first heard about Aura Soma. This was a time of spiritual retreat as I sought guidance through meditation in the energetic red rock mountains. Aura-Soma was listed on the spa menu and I felt moved to schedule a reading. With no understanding of what to expect I went in with an open mind and a healthy dose of skepticism. I was in awe at the beauty of the wall of colors shimmering in the light and I experienced a tremendous sense of peace standing before them. It was as if each were speaking to my Spirit bringing me hope, encouragement, faith, and love. Without understanding there meaning or purpose, they had already accomplished more than I could have asked for just by my ability to receive their love in those few moments.

As instructed, I chose the four bottles that were most intriguing to me and the practitioner sat with me for approximately one hour and began to recount my life, strengths and weaknesses, as if she watched me grow up. Tears filled my eyes and for the first time I can remember, I experienced a feeling of validation of self. The years of criticism, abuse, self doubt no longer felt like shameful. I was given a new way to understand myself and my journey, each part of my journey, good and not. Yet how could that be? How could these four bottles and a woman I never met before tap into my deepest self and reveal what I reveal to no one. Dare I say, reveal emotions that I had not yet identified?

That my friend is the power of Aura Soma. It is our personal connection to the living energies within each equilibrium that unlocks our deepest emotions as we attempt to strengthen ourselves and BECOME the BEST we want to be. The energy of the crystals, gems, plants and colors connect to our energetic selves. Aura Soma is non-intrusive, self selective, and entirely determined by the message we (self) wants to reveal to us (self). The simplest way I can describe it is as follows:

If you are speaking to yourself in the mirror, what would you want to say to you? The equilibrium bottles you choose bring you your personal message. Non-intrusive, self selective, your connection to the living energies within.

Fast forward and today I am a trained Aura Soma practitioner. I have opened a wellness studio and proudly have these living jewels available to me each day. I believe it was part of my Divine plan that I would experience Aura Soma then bring it to NY region. I believe it was part of my mission and purpose and that the time revealed when appropriate. Aura Soma Colour Therapy along with the other modalities offered at The Source NY have largely contributed to my spiritual and personal growth. My daily use of Aura Soma products continues to strengthen my human and energetic self. Their connection to the Kabbalah, Tarot, Numerology and other Divine essences demonstrate the inter-connectedness between earth and heaven, all living creatures and God...


If you would like to experience Aura Soma for yourself then please contact me.

In this often impersonal, fast paced world, you are so much more.


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