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Understanding Thresholds

Updated: Jan 20, 2020

It is interesting how many of us celebrate similar events ie. birthdays and anniversary's with certain ones receiving more accolades perhaps being labeled a "milestone". Firsts are celebratory events whether it is losing our 1st tooth or celebrating our 1st birthday, 1st kiss, 1st job, etc. most firsts are shared in our daily human experience. Events are not always positive and some may bring a painful lesson, but it is how we process and develop that makes us who we are. Consider for a moment that your experiences are more than fleeting as I suggest a term which you may not have been previously considered. This term is "threshold".

A threshold in simplest terms is the entrance way into a home, walking from outside and entering the space. Thresholds separate the identity of rooms within a home going from living room to kitchen to bathroom we pass through a variety of thresholds. Keeping with this simple description, it is easy to review specific moments in one's life as not only celebratory or stressful, but also as thresholds crossed which in that moment changed the course of one's perception.

There is another way to define threshold as it is may be thought of as a barometer for how much one is willing to accept before reaching their limit. Much like waiting for a pot of water to boil on the stove. It must reach it's boiling point which is its threshold. So consider a review of self as it allows the opportunity to better understand one's personal threshold for certain events which may generate feelings of uneasiness.

I believe it is important to do a periodic self review as a means of celebrating one's accomplishments the good, bad, and ugly. Because isn't it the mix of all the fun, crazy, and sometimes incredibly painful that helps make us who we are?

A review of self is not to be hurried. It is important to understand that. A review of self is to be honored, pen and journal in hand. Sitting in private and writing whatever comes to mind. There is no wrong in what is written. There is only a release of experiences which served to build the foundation for the self you are. Give yourself permission to stop and come back as needed. Give yourself permission to laugh, cry, yell and any other emotion that comes surfaces. Most importantly love yourself without condition. Forgive yourself without condition and accept you are working through all experiences to strengthen your soul and be the light you are meant to be.

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