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Trusting Your Inner Voice

How many times have you shared or heard a story that included, "...if I had only listened to my little voice" or "...I had a feeling something wasn't right"? The topic of the story is often less relevant than the recognition that something inside one's self was providing a warning.

A simple example would be while driving a car and something within tells you not to drive through a green light without slowing down a bit and at that very moment another vehicle runs the red light which would have caused you to be directly harmed by that vehicle. What compelled you to slow down when you had the "right of way"? Some call it their "little voice" and some may call it their "guardian angel". The label is as unique as each of us, but it seems we all have this sense of internal knowing. It also seems we don't always listen to it.

I took some time this weekend to review experiences that I could recall which involved my inner voice. I found this exercise enlightening for a few reasons, but most compelling was its spot on accuracy. Whether trying to protect me from unnecessary material cost or emotional distress, my inner voice has offered guidance to most choices I make. Perhaps all choices, but I don't always hear. I may have prevented much undo frustration if I listened more attentively.

I work in a life of service to others, I rely on my inner voice for direction and I am glad I have it as a tool in my toolbox. However, in my personal life I am guilty of not always using it. Truth be told, this is most likely because I fear I won't hear the answer I want. But, I am a work in progress and this weekends exercise validated the power of my inner voice and my need to access it more frequently.

I recommend sitting in silence with your pen and journal in hand. Step back in your memories and think about how many times your inner voice prevented a problem and how many times it could have if you had only listened? Consider how you label this inner knowing? Do you receive it as from a higher power or your higher self? When you have finished close this exercise with HONORING your voice. Honor it for always being there. Honor it for the lessons you have learned and will learn.

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