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The Harvest

As we continue to negotiate a road not previously traveled, the media shares images of endless traffic lines for those seeking basic food supplies and concerns over the supply chain being fractured by ill employees. Humanity is being tested. Our faith and our resolve are being challenged. No one should be hungry on the worst or best of days. Food supply should be safe on all continents. But, here we are. Mentally fatigued. Many recovering. Many more grieving.

Praying for those in need today, I envisioned Aura Soma B42, Harvest.

This brilliant yellow bottle brought to my mind's eye the strength within self to not give up.

Perseverance, Tenacity, Resolve.

It tells me our Light is bigger than any Shadow, shining bright during times of fear and uncertainty.

Imagine the warmth and healing energy of the Sun within your belly growing and expanding. Your entire human self warm, tingling, and restored as each cell is infused with the love of Light felt through the rays of power of the Sun.

You are empowered. You are strengthened. You are reassured that this to will pass.


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