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Removing All Masks in 2020

Updated: Jan 20, 2020

The end of each year brings reflection while the ringing in brings fresh starts and new hope. Resolutions generally align with personal improvements such as weight loss, smoking cessation, or other goals that will improve health and self esteem. Not all will follow through on their resolutions and many may beat themselves up and add to their stress with feelings of shame or self disappointment. For me, I have never been a person that subscribes to man-made rituals. I have been told more than once that I "march to my own beat" not sure if this was an insult or compliment, but accepting the observation knowing it came with good intentions. As we are a week into 2020, I once again beat the drum that is uniquely mine and set the intention that this message travels to those that most need it. In the process, I remove yet another mask that I have donned for many years. Ready to own who I am in all my love and all my imperfections. Hoping this is the last mask that brings me to my authentic self, but accepting that this may not be so.

We are each complex and multi-dimensional creatures trying to "be" in a world of varying social norms. Often feeling like a puzzle piece that doesn't fit, we change our shape to reduce the risk of experiencing the world as an outsider looking in. The person you are began in the family you were born into. The formative years our foundation which we build upon. No family is perfect and skeletons exist in all family closets. However, abuse of any sort is damaging and will often lead to unhealthy life choices as we mature. The abuses I endured were damaging yet nobody knew. The pain I suffered was concealed by the mask that hid my true self. Many people suffer from the sequelae of childhood abuses yet wake up each day, put on their mask, and try to appear normal. My book, Wearing A Mask Called Normal, offers a snapshot into my past along with the spiritual steps that helped me begin to heal. Written under the pseudonym, Amrita Maat.

If this resonates then understand you are not alone. I send much love and prayers. I acknowledge that self healing can feel like a desperately lonely process.

But most importantly, I HONOR YOU!

For all you have endured and overcome. I HONOR YOU and I know that healing is possible if you can learn to HONOR YOU TOO!

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