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Practice Releasing Fear

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

Each of us, at one time or another, has been afraid. Fears vary and so does how each person responds to it. Fear is an emotion in response to a perceived threat. Being a victim of a robbery or assault, concern about losing one's job, or being uncomfortable flying are all examples of what can illicit a fear response. In our human body, fear triggers a multitude of hormones and causes disruption in homeostasis, the ability to maintain the equilibrium between our physiologic and emotional systems. This response is known as fight-or-flight.

Fight-or-Flight is our bodies way of preparing us for the perceived threat by providing a quick burst of needed energy to respond. As specific hormones are released into our human system our senses become heightened, heart rate and blood pressure rise, skin temperature rises and our digestion slows to prepare us to conserve energy appropriately to overcome the threat. If the threat passes then systems begin their recovery process and homeostasis will return.

Unfortunately, some people are challenged by fear too frequently from what are considered irrational fears or phobias. A few examples may be fear of spiders, fear of dogs, fear of public speaking... When fear interrupts daily living and places the physical and emotional systems in a prolonged state of fight-or-flight then the person's quality of life diminishes and their human body may become ill. Feeling fatigued and unhealthy can become exacerbated by feelings of embarrassment or loneliness.

As the daughter of parents that struggled with anxiety and phobias all of my life, I can say it impacts the family unit and can become part of a long list of unhealthy learned behaviors. If you or someone you know struggles with fear then consider these simple beginning steps toward healing.

~ First step is to acknowledge the fear and what triggers it. JOURNAL ALL YOUR THOUGHTS.

~ Second, stop blaming yourself and/or others. NOTHING is to be gained by piling on self blame, shame and embarrassment.

~ Next, consider a therapist or counselor since there are many different treatments available that work well! Ask your provider for recommendations or do a local search on for trained experts in your community.

From a spiritual perspective, guided meditation, mindfulness training and reiki can be taught easily and practiced daily in private. Each method promotes a sense of internal calm and empowers the individual to connect with their higher power as a source of strength. Thus, releasing self blame and any other emotion that doesn't serve their highest good. These modalities are just a few of what are offered at The Source NY where we HONOR each unique person and offering complementary services designed to EMPOWER SELF.

Read more about my journey through abuse & the steps I developed to heal; Wearing a Mask Called Normal.

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