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Inner Alchemy 7 Co-Operation

Walking into the Aura Soma studio yesterday afternoon, I found the Inner Alchemy 7 bottle strategically placed on the table. It caught my eye and I acknowledged within my heart that my husband was feeling moved by that bottle. Periodically, he will enter the studio and let me know a bottle is energetically speaking to him by placing it on a table for me to see. He offers no reason why and he is no student of Aura Soma. He doesn't have an in depth understanding of the colors and vibrations and chooses not to. In his gentle yet strong Spirit, he feels a connection to a bottle and waits for me to reveal its message at some point during our time together. His messages are generally relevant to our personal life; supportive and kind. However, yesterday's bottle revealed a bigger message for society. One I choose to share after a few weeks of removing myself from social media allowing space for each of us to assimilate the pandemic of Coronavirus into our reality.

Inner Alchemy 7 is named Co-Operation. A wonderful bronze over bronze energy that at first glance for my husband spoke strength. A review of the interpretation of the bottle as written by Claudia Booth offers strength and validation of human Spirit which I find important to share today. Thank you to Claudia in advance as I briefly paraphrase her wisdom:

Bronze is a metal alloy of copper and tin that are fused through intense heat and fire. The Bronze Age 3,500-1,500 BC was a time in history when co-mmunity became more organized. Travel and trade throughout regions began and global trading became more commonplace. So, in the bronze of co-operation there is a sense of co-mmunity and global in-tegration. In the fiery fusion process, a representation of transmutation and individuation of self along with a loving co-operation and a sense of appreciation that out of "difficulty comes quality".

Within the deep bronze energy a sense of strength that can be deepened from our current sense of co-nnection to others in our co-mmunity as we strive through co-operation to protect self and others, to mitigate the unseen threat of a pandemic referred to by many as a war.

But, isn't it through war that humanity does re-energize our sense of co-mmunity and do better to help others? This bottle is a reminder of the vital need for humans to Co-operate more readily with all the kingdoms of Gaia. It is a reminder that there is strength in numbers. It is a reminder that we reap what we sow. It is a reminder that Gaia is bigger than self. Yet, when we co-nnect with all sentient beings and we expand our awareness beyond self we become "beyond hue-man".

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