We are Light. We are Vibration. We are Color. We are Energy.


We are Rainbow.

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Aura-Soma Colour
Energy & Healing
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Introducing Starseed

You are Light and it is your time to shine! 

Dr. Lamar shares excerpts from her personal journey along with the steps that she uses to negotiate the many Shadows of today's complex world.

Aura = Light   Soma = Body


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Let the colours of the rainbow reveal your true potential!

Aura Soma is a non-intrusive,
self selective,  soul system.
Experience how connecting to these living energies will change your life.  Embrace your journey. 
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Dr. Stacey Lamar,
Channel & Energy Practitioner offers 
Aura-Soma Colour Therapy
 exclusively in the Hudson Valley.

"When life becomes chaotic, it's time to return to The Source"